Artist in Residence

Astolfo Funes

Expressionist portraiture is a powerful style. It can create a window to the heart and soul of the artist, and this is exactly the case with Astolfo Funes, our first Artist in Residence. He approaches the canvas with equal proportions of freedom and deliberation, resulting in vibrant, dynamic pieces. Funes’ bold use of colour is invigorating, and there is an underlying weight present which gives an added dimension to his work.

Astolfo Funes was born in Maracay, Venezuela, and grew up in the region of Los Llanos, the emblematic Venezuelan Plains. He moved to the USA in 2011 and works from a studio at the Artisan Lounge in downtown Miami.

Funes has held solo exhibitions in Paris; Caracas; East Hampton and Lecce, Italy. His work has also been exhibited at Cremata Gallery in Miami and he has participated in art projects with Irreversible Magazine, Giants in the City, and Artcycle.