About Us

Guayaba y Chocolate is a dream. The dream of Alejandra Bigai, a Venezuelan-American chocolate maker consistently ranked amongst the top US small gourmet chocolatiers, and her social anthropologist cousin María Waleska.

Guayaba y Chocolate is also an adventure that has taken both girls on a discovery journey into the everyday flavors of Miami. Behind every chocolate, behind every piece of candy and macaron there is wonder at the explosive diversity of this city, at the trajectories of the men and women who inhabit it and, most of all, the fantastic way in which culture and gastronomy blend to produce the richest flavors and the tastiest sensory experiences.

At the heart of our business is, of course, chocolate. Our bonbons are hand made everyday at the production facility of Romanicos Chocolate, our mother brand. We sell only high quality confections made in small batches with the best ingredients available and our chocolate bars are gluten free, lactose free and suitable for either vegans or vegetarians.

Our cocoa, fruits, nuts, and other ingredients are sourced from the finest purveyors and we are committed to offering a product that is delicious and wholesome without compromising our social corporate responsibility.

We strive to be as local and green as possible and take pride in using green-ink technology to print our seasonal covers and cards. Needless to say, we only work with providers that ensure a sustainable chocolate and cocoa supply chain. Our sense of wonder, after all, doesn’t stop at the pleasures of learning from cultural diversity. It goes beyond to a sense of responsibility for the world that sustains us all.