You can buy our chocolate products directly from Romanicos, our mother brand. They deliver to any address within Miami and ship anywhere in the continental USA.



Our Products

Guayaba y Chocolate is a window into Miami’s artisanal sweet confections and into its diverse gastronomy. Most of our products are made at the production facility of Romanicos Chocolate where Alejandra, our chocolatière extraordinaire, plays with the flavours of our childhood and pairs sweet tropical fruits with premium Venezuelan chocolate, nuts, and the occasional spices.
We are also proud to carry the products of local food artisans that reflect the same multicultural inspiration in their confections. Come and discover with us Miami’s sweetest gastronomic delights.

Our Truffles are handmade in very small batches using Venezuelan Criollo cocoa beans, fresh cream, and natural flavours. There are only 38 calories in each and, no, we don’t use preservatives, butter or extra sugar. They are creamy and sinful and need refrigeration. Obsessed as we are about quality, we recommend customers who will not refrigerate them to consume their truffles within seven days of buying.

Handmade bonbons, with beautiful colored patterns printed on top. Made from Venezuelan Criollo cocoa beans, they are filled with fresh fruits pastes, spreads or nuts. They have a two-week shelf life if kept in a fresh, cool environment.

Chocolate Bars:
Big enough to satisfy your craving, yet small enough to avoid guilt, our delicious chocolate bars are made by hand with the help of “George”, our one shot machine. They are made with premium Venezuelan chocolate and whole ingredients such as mission figs or salted almonds and have a six-month shelf life.

Chocolate dipped fruit:
Orange, pineapple, ginger, dates. Dry fruits dipped in chocolate made with 65% Venezuelan premium Criollo cocoa beans.

Freshly roasted almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachios covered in luscious dark, milk or white chocolate.

Made with love by DBakers Sweet Studio (, these macarons are an expression of Miami fusion at its best: the finest French macarons meet delicious ganache filling in tropical flavours such as guava, passion fruit and coconut.

Alfajores: The sweetest South American delicacy. Alfajores crossed the Atlantic from al-Ándalus and are part of the Arabic heritage of the Americas. Berrio Alfajores brings to Miami the best récipe: a buttery crisp cookie filled with dense dulce de leche. A morsel to die for …

With flavours such as Guava Habanero, Mango Jalapeño, Blueberry Lavender and Strawberry Jasmine, Gables Delight produces some of the boldest and sweetest jams around South Florida. Our favorites, needless to say, are the guava ones!